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Parent Coordination and Parent Facilitation


Parenting Coordination is a dispute resolution service suited to high conflict cases in which daily co-parenting responsibilities become the source of conflict to a degree which may jeopardize their children’s well-being.  In such instances, the Parent Coordinator (PC) will attempt to assist the couple to develop and utilize healthier co-parenting skills, but the PC will arbitrate on behalf of the family when impasse cannot be overcome.

Co-Parent Counseling

Raising children can be difficult, even in the best of circumstances.  When you are facing conflicts with the other parent, the challenge is even greater.  Co-parenting refers to the ways that parents work together in their roles as parents.  Developing techniques, guidelines, and methods to raise a child is not just about the child, it includes both parents. It can be beneficial to work with a therapist that is qualified to determine your unique parenting approaches as well as how to improve communication between both parents. 

Co-parent counseling is designed to give parents tools to use to learn how to communicate more effectively and disengage from their marital relationship. In co-parent counseling, we work on parenting issues. Both parents bring 1-2 parenting issues to the session. These parenting issues can be anything from scheduling, educational, health, discipline, and communication issues. These conversations are powerful because so many times divorced couples have made incorrect stories up in their heads about the other person. When divorced couples sit down and talk with each other and a third-party who helps them navigate what the other person is saying, this can be a profound moment in both of them moving forward instead of living in the past.

Cindy Chilcote helps families focus on the shared goal of what is best for the children, and she helps parents not lose sight of this.


Private Co-Parenting Classes

Raising children between two homes is a challenging task. When families experience transitions, children especially need and deserve the love, care and support of both their parents. For this reason, I provide a comprehensive class with both parents that provides support, education and guidance designed to help parents keep their children safe and happy throughout the transition. The co-parenting class is offered to parents, stepfamilies, grandparents, and children and include classes, consultation and mediation.

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